Friday, May 30th, 2014
heartfelt thank you gift ideas for the dads!

ever thought of sparing some time on your big day to thank your parents for their love and support during your planning process? we’ve seen a lot of newlyweds presenting gifts like flower bouquets, jewelries and surprise video clip as a token of appreciation to their moms. but what about the dads? they are also the ones who need to be honored too! and here are some wonderful options to help show your gratitude not only to the moms, but to the dads as well:

1.) personalized accessories

give your dad his favorite accessories with embroidered messages! it can be cufflinks, handkerchief or tie. surprise him with this gift early in the morning and don’t forget to help him put this on. make sure to have your photographer to capture his reaction when receiving your gift!

source: etsy.com

2.) 3d photo reel

how about picking your favorite grow up moments with your dad, compile it together along with some heartfelt captions, and make them into a 3d reel? imagine how he reacts when he starts clicking and seeing photos that not only include him, but also with the heartwarming messages!

source: image 3d

3.) massage or spa day

your parents will be exhausted after a long day of celebration. consider pampering them with a spa treatment. you may also want to indulge them with a memorable night out on the town or even a short trip away to their favorite destination!

4.) gift certificate

too busy to shop around? try giftwell - an online platform that offers gift cards from the best in boutiques, restaurants and spas in hong kong, they will also take care of the packaging and delivery, making it convenient for you to prepare gifts to your parents at any time!

source: giftwell

5.) incorporate touching elements

besides gifts, consider including some sentimental moments with your dad during your wedding. for example, as you march out with your hubby after the ceremony, take a pause to give your dads a hug & kiss for reminding him that he is still an important part of your life!

all of these are unique ways to thank your dads which i’m sure they will love, and we can’t wait to see you all using these options to thank your dad at your wedding or even on father’s day!

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