Thursday, March 20th, 2014
playful activities for your wedding cocktail reception

while you are busy greeting your guests, other are enjoying your candies from the candy corner and taking selfies at the photo booth. let’s bring this wedding cocktail reception to another level by adding these fun and playful elements to your wedding, afterall, the more fun, the merrier!

1. his and hers signature drink

instead of just offering the standard beverage, why not include your favorite liquor as your wedding signature drink to give your guests a taste of your personalities? don’t forget to add little details like giving them a fun name, and dress it up with colorful straw and tags to add some personal touches!

2. temporary tattoo station

how about setting up a temporary tattoo station for more personal touch to your wedding? customize your wedding tattoos with your wedding logo, or elements that match your wedding theme.  hire an artist to paint custom tats on your guests, or simply get your wedding tats at some online stores like etsy or tattly.  don’t forget to leave the application instruction on the table so guests will know how to apply the tats by themselves!

3. caricature station

we have seen this in our weddings and we absolutely love it! it’s not just the ones being drawn that are entertained, other guests will also love to watch the process of the humorous drawings! not to mention that it also makes fantastic wedding favours to your friends and family!

4. video corner

a trendy video booth will definitely be a hit! it’s basically an enhancement of a photo booth, where guests can pick up the microphone and record a message for your keepsake.  you can even place a list of customized ‘prompt cards’ or ‘ice breaker’ questions to guide guests to leave messages that are fun, entertaining, and relevant to the both of you. you may also want to incorporate some fun props which adds spice to this unique yet playful experience!

5. fondue table

looking for ediable option? how about setting up a fondue station to create an appetizing focal point for the guests? you can have a chocolate fondue with a variety of fruits, marshmallows and biscuits to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, or set up a cheese fondue with nachos, olives, bread sticks, chicken tenders or vegetables for those who aren’t a ‘sweet’ person. these would be perfect to fill up your guests and also give them a great selection of snacks to enjoy!

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